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Checkout Samtec Threaded Compression Watch Video

Samtec Threaded Compression Mount Connectors to 90 GHz

Interface types: 1.35 mm, 1.85 mm, 2.40, 2.92 mm

Samtec now offers a complete family of threaded compression mount PCB connectors. Interface types include 1.35 mm (90 GHz), 1.85 mm (65 GHz), 2.40 mm (50 GHz) and 2.92 mm (40 GHz). Samtec’s 1.35 mm board connector (135 Series) is the industry’s only vertical compression mount product using the 1.35 mm interface.

Threaded coupling enables superior repeatability and high mechanical stability for high-frequency applications requiring electrical precision. The solderless vertical launch allows for easy, field replaceable, cost-effective assembly to the board.

Connector options support Stripline or Microstrip/CPWG routing. Proper alignment between the connector and the PCB footprint ensures peak performance of wide bandwidth connectors.

It is extremely common, however, for engineers to encounter misalignment of field-replaceable compression mount connectors when mounting screws are threaded and tightened to proper torque specifications.

To resolve this issue, alignment features are available with all Samtec threaded compression mount high-frequency RF products. With the addition of fiducials to the PCB footprint, any performance degradation due to misalignment is eliminated. Alignment features are proprietary Samtec solutions designed to mitigate rotation that can occur during board assembly.

As frequency requirements continue to scale, optimizing the PCB launch structure becomes ever-more important. As a result, Samtec offers board launch optimization services. Complete channel analysis services are also available.

Samtec’s threaded compression board mount PCB connectors, visit samtec.com and search for 135 Series (1.35 mm), 185 Series (1.85 mm), 240 Series (2.40 mm), or 292 Series (2.92 mm). Edge mount versions are in development, with plans for a staggered release in 2023 starting Q2.

 Samtec offers a full line of off-the-shelf solutions suitable for microwave and millimeter wave applications from 18 GHz to 110 GHz. Samtec precision RF products support next generation technology advancements in wireless communication, automotive, radar, SATCOM, aerospace, defense, and test & measurement. Customization of products, both quick-turn modifications and new designs, is available.


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