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Checkout Ganged SMPM: New High Density, Push-On RF Solutions Watch Video

Samtec recently released Magnum RF™, which are ganged, multi-position SMPM blocks and cable assemblies for millimeter-wave applications.

Magnum RF is ideal when space is limited and a high operating frequency is required.

Ganged SMPM

When more than one channel is required, the ganged SMPM design provides 40% greater density, requires less processing time, and provides better positional alignment compared to individual SMPM connectors. SMPM (Sub-Miniature Push-on Micro), is about 33% smaller than standard SMPs and performs at 65 GHz as compared to 40 GHz for SMP.

The micro-miniature SMPM style enables smaller bundle sizes for weight savings and increased airflow.

Board-to-Board, Cable-to-Board

Magnum RF is available in board-to-board and cable-to-board applications. Board-to-board designs are standard in single-row designs. Multi-rows of pins are available as modified products.

Two-piece board-level connector sets include mezzanine, coplanar (horizontal), and perpendicular (right angle) designs. The pitch, or centerline, is 3.56 mm (.140”), and custom pitches are available.




The cable assemblies are available with .047” or .086” low-loss flexible cable; the pitch is 3.56 mm (.140”), and the assemblies are available in either vertical or edge mount.

The SMPM interface is full detent, smooth bore or catcher’s mitt. They accommodate axial and radial misalignment when used with bullet adaptors.


Magnum RF is designed for applications that require a high operating frequency yet have limited space. The ganged solution saves space on the board.

The push-pull coupling assists in blind mate applications and decreases channel spacing because they don’t need space to physically thread/unthread for coupling. Common applications include next-gen Mil/Aero, Phased Array, Instrumentation, and Datacom/5G networking, to name a few.

But Wait There’s More …

Click here to learn more about the Magnum RF product line. Here’s some more information about Magnum RF. And here’s a link to learn more about all of our Samtec RF products.

Samtec recently published a major white paper, “Wideband RF Launches:

Much More Than Footprints On PCBs.” This white paper shows that very wide bandwidth RF launches are possible to implement in PCBs, even with vias included. Click here to see the whitepaper (it’s free, and you don’t have to register to see it).

If you have questions, or if we can help in any way, contact the RF Group.

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